Who We Are

We are the largest manufacturers and suppliers of instrument transformers and switchgear.

Incorporated in 1992, Gemini Instratech Ltd. is, presently, a Manufacturer of OIP (Oil Impregnated Paper) insulated Instrument Transformers from 12 kV to 145 kV Class, Epoxy Resin Cast Instrument Transformers from 3.6 kV to 36 kV Class for Indoor and Outdoor applications, LT (Low Tension) Ring Type Current Transformers for Power Transformers and GIS (Gas Insulated Switchgear), OIP Insulated Condenser Bushings for Power Transformers from 72.5 to 145 kV Class and Components (Pole shoe, Grid Chokes, Aluminium Doors) for Generators in the Wind Energy Industry.

Armed with a domain experience of around thirty years, we, at Gemini, are committed to offer high quality and reliable products to sub serve the MV (Medium Voltage) Distribution and HV (High Voltage) Transmission Ranges of Electrical Substation segments of Electrical Power Industry.

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With a team of experienced engineers and masters in the field, our transformers go out with
the peace of mind, knowing that they will reliably satisfy each customer's needs.

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Our Products

We have the domain experience, competence and capability to manufacture and test and
supply World Class products in compliance with local and International standards.

Resin Cast Instrument Transformers

Resin Cast Instrument Transformers are manufactured for Indoor application in HT (High Tension) Switchgear Cubicles / Panels as well as in Outdoor Switchyards respectively.

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OIP Insulated Instrument Transformers

Outdoor OIP Insulated Instrument Transformers use Oil Impregnated Paper Insulation and are designed with several unique features with one aim - TOTAL RELIABILITY.

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Condenser Bushings

OIP Insulated Condenser Bushings are manufactured and supplied as per IEC Standards, for use in Power Transformers. Our Present range of Bushings caters from 52 kV up to 145 kV.

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Power Cabinet Choke

Power Cabinet Choke's is manufactured for Windmill manufacturers et el Enercon India.

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Metering Cubicle

Outdoor / Indoor Metring Cubicles measure energy consumption of electrical devices and systems. They are weather-proof, durable, and easy to install for outdoor and indoor use.

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Our Clients

Our mission is to work with your team to deliver a service and
Custom Transformer that exactly meets your needs.